Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Right-wingers spends their entire waking lives looking for things to be outraged about, the way certain large whales never stop searching for food. The latest outrage? According to Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media, it's unseemly for President Obama, at this time, to be inviting the Kennedy Center honorees to the White House -- something presidents do every year.

Preston cites this story from England's Telegraph, which quotes a few jokes the president made at the expense of Led Zeppelin, who were honored this year. Preston whines:
Great band, great songs, but it's not like a ceremony to hand them a medal could not have waited until the fiscal cliff talks were done and a deal had been hammered out. Obama has literally put being a celebrity and hanging out with celebrities ahead of doing his job. If we go over the fiscal cliff, millions of Americans will suffer. Obama knows this; he just doesn't care.
Um, let me take you back to December 2, 2001. This was 52 days after 9/11 -- but that didn't stop President Bush from inviting that year's Kennedy Center honorees to the White House:
President Bush hosted a Hollywood who's-who on Sunday as actors Jack Nicholson and Julie Andrews, pianist Van Cliburn, composer-producer Quincy Jones and tenor Luciano Pavarotti were saluted for their contributions to the performing arts at the Kennedy Center Honors.

The president paid tribute to the honorees and, in keeping with his custom, teased them....

"This year's honorees can carry a tune. And then there's Jack."

... those attending a White House reception before the honors gala Sunday included Warren Beatty and his wife, Annette Bening; Candice Bergen, Bo Derek, Carol Burnett, Michael Douglas, Lorne Michaels, Lynn Redgrave-Clarke and Oprah Winfrey....
Even the mayor of West Hollywood was there. "BUSH HOSTS GLITTERATI AT KENNEDY AWARDS" was how the San Jose Mercury News put it.

A few days after that, Osama bin Laden escaped to safety after the Battle of Tora Bora.

Ahhh, but it's OK to hobnob with celebs at any time if you're a Republican.


Bulworth said...

Oh, that post-9/11 WH reception. Well, that was different. Just because.

Victor said...

If only we could find some way to tap right-wing rage - we'd never need another drop of oil, coal, natural gas, or any radiation.

And, over the years, we've seen it could be a very safe alternative, since no heads have actually exploded despite their raging at things that most people don't even think about - so, no workers would ever be hurt (except maybe their feelings, from being around so much anger all of the time).
And Rush hasn't imploded into himself, creating a super-dense core of fat, hate, and rage, that could go through the mantle of the Earth like a hot knife through butter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, George Bush did it.

So it's OK then.

Tom Hilton said...

There are just two things Republicans slam the President for: a) actually doing his job; and b) everything else.

J Neo Marvin said...

So I guess Bush saw Tommy.