Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Still the most powerful anti-war song ever written.


Victor said...

Great choice, Yellow Dog!

Great song.

But one we learned nothing from.

How many more men and women in the service have died since WWII - a legitimate war, fought for the right reasons?

Since then, we've had a lot of service people 'home for Christmas, if only in their dreams.'

And then, despite them praying, and their families praying, for their safe return, for too many of them (even one's too many), the only thing that is returning, is their bodies coming home in bags - that's if there was anything left of them, or they were even found.

Numerous and sundry South and Central American countries.
The Middle East.

Oh well, if you spend over $500 Billion a year on the "Defense Spending," I guess you have to use it, right?
My question is, why do we always have to be so offense as a result of money set aside for "Defense?"

Merry Christmas, all!
Mayonnaise be merry and bright.

Unknown said...

They used to call it what it really was: The War Department.

Victor said...

William Miller,
Yes, and I wish we'd return to calling it that.
Then, looking at the $500 Billion, people might say, what war?
Show me the feckin' war!

Or, at least, call it, "The Occupation Department."

Afghanistan is an occupation, and has been since the day we invaded.
Iraq was an occupation, about a week after we invaded.

But, oh no!
It's "defense!"
Orwell would be SOOOOOO proud!

Examinator said...

Your repertoire of anti war songs is very thin. It was written more as a wistfulness(sentimentality) of soldier wanting to be home NOT ANTI WAR per se. Like mr lonely by Bobby Vinton, 'Dear John", "Billy don't be a hero" by paper lace makes the message more poignantly. These are dozens of more specifically Anti War
I'd suggest you listen to Universal soldier, We're on the Eve of destruction" by Barrie McGuire,"One Tin Soldier" by Original caste , "Born in the USA" Bruce Springstein, Goodnite Siagon Billy Joel .
Personally I favor 'Imagine' by John Lennon. The playing of the 'last post'.
Or simply listening to the peace bell in Hiroshima being rung each anniversary of the dropping of the "A" bomb.. the latter never fails to raise a lump in my throat

Examinator said...

Most vet's don't remember a war by sentimentality rather in terms of the terror,the death, the smells, the pointlessness, the loss of peace of mind.

The New York Crank said...

Personally, I like "Alice's Restaurant." The original, 24-minutes long version.

But what do I know?

I can't even think of a fresh idea to turn into a full fledged blog post tonight.

Crankily yours,
The New York Crank