Monday, December 17, 2012


You know what kills people?

Exposing kids to baby-centric iPhone apps kills people!

The item that horrifies Beck is just a case you can put your iPhone into so your baby can play with it and chew it and drool on it and look at animated animals on it without destroying it.

Beck thinks that's more of a menace to society than a Bushmaster .223 with a high-capacity magazine.


daveX99 said...

glenn beck kills people - via his ceaseless toolishness. gaah.

Victor said...

Have a male gun fetishist in your home?

Buy him a new Bushmaster, so that 'your baby can play with it and chew it and drool on it and aim it at animated and live animals, destroying them.'

It also works great at home, at work, the post office, malls, meetings with Congresspeople, movie theaters, Kindergartens, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Churches, and Temples!

Don't leave home without it. Especially since someone else visiting those places might not.

Never Ben Better said...

Having long ago jumped the shark, the school of piranhas, and the juvenile tigerfish, Beck is reduced now to jumping guppies.

Bulworth said...

Above all, we never, ever blame the guns. Will someone please think of the poor guns?