Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fix The Debt: Immediate, Gradual Stuff Must Be Done, Soon

Speaking of astroturfs, as we approach the looming Fiscal Cliff, after which income tax rates will revert back to Clinton Administration, 1990's levels, and across-the-board cuts through sequestration will take effect--cuts necessitated because Republican teabags in Congress demanded scalps in order to raise the debt limit, I thought I would venture over to the website belonging to the latest Next Great Debt Thing organization to see what they had to say about the prospect of increasing revenue levels in order to, you know, fix the debt. Surely, they must heartily approve of ending the Bush tax cuts.

Um,  no:

The Time To Act Is Now

Immediate action must be taken to reverse the ballooning debt. Congress and the President have deferred this decision too long. The upcoming “fiscal cliff” provides an opportunity to replace the drastic, automatic tax hikes and spending cuts with a gradual and intelligent plan. The principles of the Campaign to Fix the Debt provide guidance on how to move forward.
          (So, the time to act is NOW, but not through DRASTIC tax hikes.)
          America’s Debt Is Unsustainable
The United States’ debt is over $16 trillion, and growing by more than $1 trillion per year. Mounting debt will lead to higher interest rates, lower wage growth, and an eventual economic crisis.

(Gosh, this sounds awful. Returning tax rates to 1990's levels should help, right?)
          A Solution Must Address All Parts of the Budget
Any realistic solution to our budget problems must cut out wasteful and low priority spending, must slow the growth of unsustainable entitlement costs, and must simplify the tax code and eliminate loopholes through pro-growth and revenue-positive tax reform. The recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and other recent bipartisan efforts can serve as an effective framework for a plan to reduce the federal debt by more than $4 trillion over ten years.
          (Do the Fix The Debt people know how much the debt would be
          reduced if we allowed the automatic budget cuts and income tax
          rate increases to proceed? )

I don't know. Does this fire you up about Fixing The Debt as much as it does for me?

They don't say how many Facebook "likes" they have, but they apparently do have 300k signatures from American businesspeople citizens allegedly supporting their plan.


Victor said...

Well, it's only fair that we ALL pay, right?

I mean, we've all got great paying jobs, with terrific bennies. No unemployment, to speak of.

Our elderly are reveling in their massive benefit and COLA increases in SS over the past decade.

Our children is learning and being edumacated at rates, to levels, unheard of in other sivalized countries.

So, yes, to pay for the unpaid Bush Tax Cuts for the richest, his unpaid for Big Pharma boondoggle, his unpaid for two wars and occupations, and his deregulating big businesses to the point where they almost took the world's economies off a real "Fiscal Cliff," it's only fair that we ask the poor, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the disabled, to pay for all of that.

After all, we the working people, the poor, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the disabled, made out even better than the richest individuals, families, and corporations, since George W. Bush did all of that, after "the will of the people spoke," and he lost the popular vote, but was given a victory by a Conservative SCOTUS, in 2000. And won a narrow reelection, probably by tainted Electronic Voting Machines in key states and Congressional districts.

Hell yes, we all ought to pay - and not just the rich! Especially, not the rich!!!
After all, didn't the Masters make their serf's and slaves pay, with more sacrifice, and less food, when the Masters needed more money?
How is this any different?

Where were these "Deficit Scolds" when Bush was, you know, creating these out-of-control deficits?

Back when, you know, we Liberals all saw this coming, but, of course, you know, the "Deficit Scolds" didn't.

Oh, that's right!
"Deficit Scolds" only scold the Democrats, who have to clean-up the economic messes that Republicans always leave behind. They're way too busy cheer-leading for the increasing deficits, since they are the ones who profit from them, to scold the Republicans.

Cirze said...

Hear, hear, Victor!

Notice how those funded by the big money never get exposed for the frauds that they are.

They just keep coming back.

With new organizations.

Touting "new" proposals.

To bring about their same level of benefits.

Paid for by their lessers.


Ten Bears said...

Raygun proved that deficits don't matter.