Saturday, December 08, 2012


From today's New York Times, we learn that Republicans have another excuse for rejecting Susan Rice even before she's nominated to be secretary of state: she has to be rejected because the president isn't courteous enough:
Some Republicans said the White House had left her to fend for herself.

"They floated her name to test the waters; they found out that the waters are pretty rough, and then they didn't give her a life preserver," said Senator John Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming on the Foreign Relations Committee....

Republicans said the White House's approach fits a pattern of not reaching out to Congress, whether on budget negotiations or to defend other appointments.

Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, said the White House had not contacted her about Ms. Rice. After meeting with her last week, Ms. Collins expressed reservations about her suitability for secretary of state.
I believe that faint sound you hear is Maureen Dowd typing furiously, generating her 8732nd column about how President Spock is just too haughty and aloof for this job, whereas Tip and the Gipper used to get together for drinks on a regular basis and that was the golden age of American politics.

Ahhh, but wait for it:
Ms. Collins said she did not believe outreach would have mitigated the issues that arose in their meeting, but she added that the White House generally had not engaged with Congressional Republicans in any meaningful way since the departure of Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama’s former chief of staff.
So, um ... all that outreach Obama is supposed to do? It wouldn't even work, according to Amigo 3-A.*

You know, I'm wondering how much good all that 1980s socializing would have done if Ronald Reagan had routinely threatened to punch Tip O'Neill's lights out after a few drinks. I don't think it would have be particularly helpful.

*I'm classifying Kelly Ayotte as 3-B, based on seniority.

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Victor said...

Too bad there was no internet back in the Gipper-Tipper era, or else Democratic politicians all around the country could have sent out e-mails with pictures of Ronnie in soiled Depends, or locked in a bathroom because he forgot how doors work, or trying to chew on some Farina, and dribbling some on his chin after his dentures fell out - and Nancy as anorexic botox queen, obsessing about dresses and china patterns, kind of like the nasty sh*t Republicans have been doing with the Obama's over the last 4+ years.

Yes, I'm sure that would have helped commity and bipartisanship!

The Republicans are a party of Nihilists, Anarchists, and Obstructionists.
They can't create, so they have to destroy.

It is the sole purpose in their lives to make life as difficult as possible for anyone who's not rich, and one of them.

And if we had a functioning MSM, people would have been on to them for the past few decades.
But we don't, so these scumbags are treated as if they bring something to the table besides a gun to shoot someone, or a knife and fork to stick in people backs and eyes.