Friday, December 21, 2012


Via Adam Serwer, some choice Bork quotes, from
Feminist gatherings within traditional denominations celebrate and pray to pagan goddesses. Witchcraft is undergoing an enormous revival in feminist circles as the antagonist of Christian faith...The feminists within the [Catholic] church engage in neo-pagan ritual magic and the worship of pagan goddesses.


As one might suspect from their hostility to men, marriage, and family, radical feminists are very much in favor of lesbianism.


So far as I know, no multiethnic society has ever been peaceful except when constrained by force. Ethnicity is so powerful that it can overcome rationality. Canada, for example, one of the five richest countries in the world, is torn and may be destroyed by what, to the outsider, look like utterly senseless ethnic animosities.


Hispanics, who will outnumber blacks in the United States by the end of the century, often do not regard this country as their own.

*** is on the Internet. That's a category. They have a variety of things under, which is alternative sex. Particularly horrifying was this I don't know how to work the Internet yet, but I did that research. I found it written up.


The fossil record is proving a major embarrassment to evolutionary theory.
Much more at the Waggish link. Many of the quotes are from his book Slouching Toward Gomorrah; some others are from
this C-SPAN interview.

Yeah, 86'ing that guy was the right thing to do.


UPDATE: Scott Lemieux has more.


Victor said...

Now, after he's dead, I hope that people can grok why Bork was "borked."

Can you imagine the damage that he and Scalia could have done in the past 25 years?
The mind, it reels!

And that's all I'll say about him.
My parents taught me that if you have nothing good to say about someone...

Dark Avenger said...

I'll quote Moms Mabley for this occasion:

"They say you shouldn't say nothin' about the dead unless it's good. He's dead. Good!"

Victor said...

Thank you!
I loved old Moms!!!

Examinator said...

Kinky ? hmmm

boba said...

"The fossil record is proving a major embarrassment to evolutionary theory." (Bork, 1997)
I often joke with the frau, a dev-bio professor at an Ivy, that scientists are idiot savants. Most scientists know their area of expertise and know it very well, but once outside it, they are simply lost. The good ones recognize that situation and defer or couch their opinions indicating their lack of understanding. The bad ones behave like Bork, they assume because they have some expertise, that their expertise extends in all directions and is equally infallible. Anecdotal evidence is that engineers fall into the trap very easily.
In some respect you see this behavior in GWB, he was none too bright but thought himself to be some brilliant statesman. There was no doubt, no inquisitiveness to reveal possible contradictions to perception; no, there was simple unrestrained confidence in his conclusions.

Tom Hilton said...

Jeffrey Toobin's post is well worth reading too. The gist is essentially the same: Bork wasn't unfairly portrayed as a wackjob; Bork really was a wackjob.

BH said...

And lest we forget, the one person who did the most to quash Bork's SupCt nom was Joe Biden, for which he will ever have my gratitude.