Thursday, April 26, 2012


BooMan refers us to an extraordinarily sympathetic story about George Zimmerman from Reuters. He got a gun because he'd been menaced by a pit bull! He has black people in his family tree! And on and on.

Look, folks, we need to face facts: the chances of a conviction in this case are basically zero. It's just not going to happen. Too much is being put out there so that potential jurors will give Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt.

(As far as I'm concerned, the chances of an acquittal a conviction dropped to zero the minute that bloody head photo came out, however much it contradicts other evidence.)

I'm trying not to have the paranoid thought that Rick Scott, possibly after conversations with national figures on the right, arranged for a special prosecutor because he thought it was better for the right if Zimmerman was arrested and tried than if he remained free. What I mean is this: Assuming Zimmerman is tried and acquitted, I suspect the amoral SOBs on the right hope there's an unpleasant reaction on the part of Trayvon Martin's supporters. I think they want us to riot, or at least engage in isolated acts of violence. I don't know when a trial is likely to take place, but I think they'd love it if the trial happened before the election and an acquittal led to a riot that they could hang around President Obama's neck. Even if this happens after the election, I imagine they think it's always good to be able to say, "See? We're civilized and they're not."

Please tell me I'm crazy to think this.


Ten Bears said...

Ahh yes, the dystopia we face come winter - if the Obama is re-elected the white-dogs will start a race war and burn the country down. And if their dog wins, they'll start a race war and burn down the country.

The sound you don't hear is me jacking a round into my well-oiled ARA2. What you don't see are the punji-sticks in the front (and back) yard.

No paranoia, they really are out to get us.

RickM said...

"I suspect the amoral SOBs on the right hope there's an unpleasant reaction on the part of Trayvon Martin's supporters. I think they want us to riot, or at least engage in isolated acts of violence."

And if they have to invent a riot, they will.

Lit3Bolt said...

You're not crazy. Remember that the right wing reaction after Kent State was basically "Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! U-S-A!! U-S-A!!"

And that was for dead WHITE liberals and bystanders. Made no difference. Reagan milked Kent State for all he was worth.

At some point you have to wonder if the only way to get respect in this country is by pandering to white men's fee-fees and selling them Confederate flags and guns and beer.

BH said...

Flags, guns, beer, yes, but don't forget bibles. A perennial hot seller at the finest flea markets!

It's funny that we all (at least, ahem, of a certain age) remember Kent State, but Jackson State, only 10 days later, is seldom mentioned. Possibly because the four dead at Kent were white, unlike the two dead at Jackson.

The respect of people who'd give it for the pandering described is, simply stated, not worth having. But you knew that.

NB said...

You mean the chances of a conviction rather than of an acquittal dropped to zero, I presume?

Steve M. said...

Thanks. Fixed now.

Unknown said...

I think there's a chance of a manslaughter conviction if no gun nuts are on the jury...But you can bet the defense will be keen on getting them on. A hung jury is very likely.

A fair jury would of course stay with what is known for sure...A pursuit and stalking leading to a confrontation the victim tried to flee, with the stalker ultimately killing the victim. Having heard the actual words (strangely contested) on the tape, "these f-ing coons", a fair jury would have to convict of something...The guy died for nothing but the bigotry of the killer.

Palli said...

RE: the impact the bloody head photo only reminded me of that backwards B from the first Obama presidential campaign

Lynching is different now, one gun shot in a young man's body does not have the power of Emmet Till's casket photos.

I have no doubt there are back channels between the "unindicted" Medicare embezzler and the Zimmerman team. Instigating riot always works.