Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday blogging

Almost forgot I promised to drop by here and check on the liquor cabinet -- er -- I mean post something. Lazy Sunday for me so I'm just going to commemorate National Poetry month for the moment. I could try to impress you with some obscure poet from the vast breadth of my poetry knowledge, but instead I'm posting the source of my earliest exposure to poetry readings.

It's quite possible that Bullwinkle is responsible for instilling a love of poetry in me at such an early age. Also, too, still my favorite cartoon series of all time. Jay Ward was a genius.

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Victor said...

Every time someone tells me how great "The Simpsons' are, and "South Park" is, I just tell them that they're not a pimple on the ass of the great "Rockey and Bullwinkle Show."

I remember being in HS in the early-mid 70's, and going to a local bookstore to look at the poetry section.

And there, I saw something that got me thrown out that day!

When I was a child, I never missed a R&B show.
And I remember on where Frostbite Falls was going to have a model boat race, and Bullwinkle found an old sunken little boat in a lake and cleaned it off, only to find he'd found something of great value:
'The Ruby Yacht of Omar Kayyam.'

So, for years, I though some rich Persian guy had a yacht made out of gems. I was no idiot, so I thought it must have been a large yacht, for a person, his family, and friends.

So, I'm at this little book store, looking for some collection of poems that I might be interested in buying, and there I saw it:
"The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám!"

It was a collection of poems - NOT a gem-encrusted yacht!!!

I was laughing so hard at the practical joke the R&B show pulled on me, they asked me to leave.

The writers had pulled a practical joke that took years, and years, for me to get.


Libby Spencer said...

Yeah, the true genius of the humor in that show was in the subtext of the silly puns. Never missed a episode either. Pretty sure I've seen each one dozens of times in reruns before it went off the air. So happy to find youtubes of the segments.

Tom Hilton said...

Jay Ward was a genius.