Monday, April 23, 2012


You're going to see a lot of Mia Love:

On Saturday, Utah Republicans gave their nomination for a new heavily GOP Congressional seat to a surprising choice: Mia Love, the 37-year-old daughter of Haitian immigrants and the mayor of Saratoga Springs, a community of 18,000 outside Salt Lake City.

Utah selects its candidates at party conventions with primaries only occurring if no one wins 60 percent or more of delegates. Love won the nomination on the final ballot when she beat former state legislator Carl Wimmer with 70 percent of the vote....

She'll get a speech at the Republican convention. She'll be on Fox News a lot. She'll be all over the place. Here's why: She's African-American, she's a Mormon, she's a cookie-cutter right-winger who takes every position you'd expect a boilerplate wingnut to take, and Team GOP is going to wave her our faces all through the Romney campaign and say, "See? Mormons aren't racist! Suck it, libruls!" (It's not out of selflessness that Romney's son Josh endorsed her.)

Love is sort of an Allen West Lite, accusing the people she hopes will be her future colleagues of racism:

If elected in November, Love would be the first black Republican woman in Congress and Utah's first black representative. She said she would join the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C., should she win.

"Yes, yes. I would join the Congressional Black Caucus and try to take that thing apart from the inside out," she said....

"It’s demagoguery. They sit there and ignite emotions and ignite racism when there isn't," Love said. "They use their positions to instill fear. Hope and change is turned into fear and blame. Fear that everybody is going lose everything and blaming Congress for everything instead of taking responsibility."

Then again, being a cookie-cutter wingnut, she accuses everyone who opposes her of racism, preemptively if necessary:

I met her at CPAC, the annual conservative conference, where she gave a stirring speech: "According to liberals, I'm not supposed to exist. I know that I am going to be a target for the Left. I have something to say to them: Game On."

Much will be made of her race. Much shouldn't be made of her race. She's just another wingnut clone who happens to have more melanin than all the other wingnut clones.

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