Friday, April 13, 2012


Via Fox Nation:

From The Rush Limbaugh Show show today, "If I Had a Daughter, She'd Look Like Ann Romney"

I don't know what the context was, but, yeah, he actually said that:

Two thoughts about this:

(1) It's possible that Limbaugh merely thinks he looks like Ann Romney -- but I think Limbaugh's telling us that Ann Romney is not merely a good and virtuous woman, she's a good and virtuous white woman, white like him, not like Obama's boogity-boogity imagined son, or like Trayvon Martin, or like that evil lesbian Jewess Hilary Rosen.

(2) I was going to say this at the height of the Sandra Fluke controversy and never got around to it, but I'll say it now: sometime between now and Election Day, Mitt Romney, or Ann Romney, or one of their many sons or daughters-in-law, or Romney's running mate, or the running mate's spouse, or some combination thereof, will go Rush Limbaugh's show. And it will be proclaimed throughout the mainstream media that this is not a controversial move, except in the eyes of a few pathetic left-wing cranks. To the contrary: it will be a sign of Limbaugh's remarkable resilience and the fullness of his rehabilitation. (What do I get if I'm right about that?)


Danp said...

If Rush had a daughter who looked like Ann Romney, I would fear for her safety.

Michael said...

You get the sinking feeling that the country really is what Hunter Thompson said in concluding Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail.

BH said...

You'll at least get an Ann Romney kewpie doll, Steve. And FWIW, I suspect your prediction will come true.