Sunday, April 29, 2012


This is why I've deleted your emails without even opening them for the last three years or more. If you refuse to lift a finger to help progressive Democratic challengers unseat entrenched GOPers, I'm not interested in anything you have to say. Neither am I going to give you one red cent of my money.

Let me give you a clue here. Engaged liberals are not as stupid or mindlessly loyal to the party as you appear to think we are.

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Victor said...

Yeah, and they didn't do anything to help the people going against Boehner, Ryan, or Bachmann, in the last few cycles.


Libby Spencer said...

They had a golden chance to unseat crazy Virginia Foxx. We had a great progressive Dem running. All he needed was some party support for ad buys and he could have unseated her. Sure this happens more than we even know. Yet the idiots at DCCC still email seven times a day looking for money. Ha!

Victor said...

When I had a job, and could contribute, I gave directly to the candidates I liked - the most Liberal and Progressive ones. Like Grayson - and yes, Obama (knowing all the time he was a moderate Democrat).

For us on left, the DCC is about as useful as mammaries on a male bovine.