Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I think I figured something out after (a) examining the latest leavings by one of my by-the-book right-wing-talking-point comment trolls and (b) reading this:

Poll: Romney rallies GOP, faces big popularity deficit for general election

Mitt Romney’s favorable numbers among Republicans have shot to a record high, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted after Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential contest a week ago.

But the presumptive GOP nominee suffers from a lowly regarded series of primaries and continues to trail President Obama badly when it comes to a straightforward assessment of popularity....

A lot of us have been scratching our heads over the fact that a robotic ex-moderate won the GOP presidential nomination -- but maybe it makes sense. As I learn every time I wander into Wingnut Land, or every time a wingnut like my troll shows up here, robotically reciting Fox News/talk radio talking points is what being right-wing is all about. Romney did what rank-and-file right-wingers do every day: he went out, learned the lines, then recited them correctly and with as much contempt as possible. (He may be robotic, but his "contempt" preset is very well engineered.)

Rank-and-file wingers are contempt robots, too -- you input new data about liberal/Democratic evil and they output rage. In a way, Romney really is one of them.


Ten Bears said...

This isn't an election, it's a Media Event, an ongoing choreographing of content for delivery to the Kool-Aid drinkers. The barefoot rubes blindly following a charismatic "leader" to suicide, the Kool-Aid of course Ambien, Prozac, Viagra - or any other chemical, notably fluoride, cocktail - and crotch-shots on Faux News. And I don't doubt the Multi-Millionaire Bimbo Bottle-Blonde Bobble-Heads spreading their legs on the Corporate Mainstream Media are as barefoot as the rubes, emersed as they are, afterall, in the Media "Medicine" Military Industrial Complex.

It is not entirely tongue-in-cheek when I posit, as I believe I have here, that something happens to people when they go to Washington, as if illegal aliens were cooking up Stepford Clones in some vast subterranean complex beneath... It is perhaps more notable to we of the hinterlands who have seen people we've known out entire lives go out there and come back not who we knew.

Comes to mind by way of your Gilded Bird post below and the Ann Romney's Stepford Wive "career choice" hoopla of the past ten days we are actually witnessing the cloning process, witnessing Willard's evolution into a Stepford Clone.

The carefully choreographed charismatic "leader".

Cereal said...

Romney does not output rage, or any other emotion. He was eclipsed by Gingrich in the contempt-spewing function. He came nowhere near Santorum in genuinely espousing wingnut lunacy with his heart. He could not hold a candle to Bachmann in wingnuttery.

Yes, any GOP candidate has to talk the talk, and there is no way one could win without reciting the lines (Paul, Huntsman). But to claim Romney won because he did it better than the others, or even with the basic required competence and committment? That's loony.

Cereal said...

Sorry, i was not very articulate. My point it, your garden-or-sundry wingnut imports the idiotic talking point of the day and truly absorbs it, regurgitating it with the spit-flecked, genuine rage of the fanatic. They drink that stuff in and it shapes how they acts and think, it doesnt just go in one orifice and out another. They will yell themselves hoarse and fight to defend the insane, self-contradictory shit they just heard yesterday, facts be damned.

Romney is not like that and not even the dimmest wingnut is fooled for a second.

merlallen said...

what's wrong with Ambien?

Ten Bears said...

Sleep walking. Sleep working, sleep eating, sleep driving. Anything that puts you that physiologically far out of the norm... well, I prefer my Kool-Aid out of the big barrel, thank you very much.