Friday, April 27, 2012


Over at the House of Dead Drunk Wingnut Jesus, Ben Shapiro is horrified to find this in Obama campaign material aimed at African-Americans:

The title of the Breitbart gasp of outrage is "Obama's New Slogan: Get My Back!"

Now, let's wander over to Lucianne Goldberg's site. She's linked this as one of the feature stories of the day. What does she have to say about it?

"Ebonics." To Lucianne Goldberg, the phrase "got your back" is Ebonics.

I'm sure that would be news to Andre Agassi's tennis coach:

Or the guy who self-published this:

"Ebonics"? Seriously? Has anyone other than a right-winger even used the word "Ebonics" in this century?


And no, I don't know which comment Lucianne (or her Web minion) particularly liked over at Breitbart -- the reference is to "Reply 20," but the relies are nested and unnumbered, so I can't tell. Probably one of the ones that makes a gay joke about Obama, playing on the word "back" (yeah, once they get tired of hating him for his politics and his race, they decide he's an evil gay guy. There's no limit.)


c u n d gulag said...

My favorite, was when 'The Womb That Held the Baby Whale, Johan,' writes, "Cool, man, cool:..."

She's really making strides in her cultural references - she's all the way up to the era of Be-bop and Beatnik's.

I suppose we should be thankful that at least she didn't end her little missive with, "c u ltr, aligatr!"

And, "Womb That Held the Baby Whale, Jonah," there's nothing less "cool" than when some ancient geezer and crone, just a shade or two darker than the Winter Brothers, tries to use slang - especially, Rap and/or Hip-hop terms.

The only thing about Rap and Hip hop you know, is that your son has a really bad rap, at least as far as sentient beings who don't have to hippity-hop over their own knuckles when they walk, is concerned.

So, sad, angry, old crone -
'Pleezie, take it eezie!"

Aaron Baker said...

Again--black people supporting black people--it's presumptively illegitimate to the Fox News crowd.