Thursday, February 09, 2012


Spotted on Twitter this morning:

This is jaw-dropping on so many levels. First, and most obviously, we now know who's winning the "Murdoch primary," and it's the same guy who seemed to be winning it a month ago, based on one of Murdoch's first tweets: the guy who lost his last election by 18 points is the guy Murdoch hopes can take down Obama. A shrewd judge of what's best for his side, that Rupert.

Beyond that, though: Murdoch is talking about "moral regeneration," Santorum style? The guy who gave us Page 3 Girls and who likes to salt his TV programming with lesbian cheerleader makeout sessions admires the moral code of the guy who says he's never sat on a couch with a woman who wasn't his wife? Seriously?

Oh, and Murdoch is reading Charles Murray -- the guy who's all over the place right now telling us that the well-to-do should set an example for the lower orders by preaching the virtues of marital stability and living in the same towns as the proles? Where exactly has Murdoch been reading Murray? At his $44 million triplex on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan? Or his $10.5 million estate in Oyster Bay? The 8,700-square-foot, 11-bedroom villa in Beverly Hills? The Confucian-style mansion in Beijing with the underground pool? The private yacht? The Gulfstream? All while snuggling on the sofa with Wendi Deng, his third wife?

Look, I understand: Murdoch's spirits are lifted every time someone comes along who seems to have a fresh approach to smiting the liberal infidel. Right now, that's Santorum and Murray. But the tweet suggests that Murdoch actually believes he shares the values they're preaching. He doesn't just see these guys as hired thugs for the liberal-bashing cause. That's delusional.


M. Bouffant said...

he's never sat on a couch with a woman who wasn't his wife

Man, they are scared of anything & everything, aren't they?

In this case it's hard to tell if Santorum is more afraid of himself or, you know, "cooties," but either way it's astoundingly Talibanical.

c u n d gulag said...

Yes, leave it to thrice married Australian Oligarch to worry about the renegeneration and restoration that he, and his boyfriend Ailes, have done more to help destroy by making people vote against their own best interests, than just about anyone else in the last decade and a half.

Roger said...

Needs more lesbian cheerleader makeout sessions.

Roger said...
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Roger said...

Santorum's couch statement was a laugh line, referencing Gingrich's global warming commercial with Pelosi (and implicitly, the fact that Newton's an infidel man whore). I doubt even Santorum's stick extends that far up his ass.

If Santorum's never sat on a couch with a woman, he's at least sat on/in the remnanats of several at the C Street house.

Cereal said...

Murdoch does not have any moral values. He's chosen Santorum and will say stuff he thinks will help. That's all. (Note that if Murdoch would actually pick a candidate with whom he shares "values" it would be Romney - i.e. the values of do whatever it takes to increase your personal wealth and power).