Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Just saw this at Politico:

The verdict is in from Rush Limbaugh on the Chrysler ad featuring actor Clint Eastwood that stirred up quite bit of controversy on Super Bowl Sunday: "Eastwood got scammed."

"I think he got scammed. I think he got roped into doing something he thought was patriotic and ended up being played. I do," the conservative radio host said on his show on Tuesday. "I'm just going to give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest he got suckered into this."

Right -- because after 57 years in the business, and nearly 82 years on earth, Clint Eastwood is a helpless simpleton who can't read a script and decide for himself whether it's suitable for him. And despite four decades of superstardom as an actor and director, he's so desperate for work he can be arm-twisted into doing something that's not in his best interests. And, of course, he's such a weakling, right? Typical of the SOBs that they'd take advantage of such a nebbish.

All those liberal bullies pushing around a weak, helpless, delicate flower -- yeah, that's it.


UPDATE, THURSDAY: Now it's Fox's Stuart Varney who says Eastwood is a helpless naif who needs to be coddled and protected because he can't look out for his own best interests:

I think it was sleight-of-hand to convince Clint Eastwood -- an icon -- iconic American and known conservative -- to put his face and voice on that ad which looked very much like it was supporting a second term for President Obama. I think it's one of the great sleight-of-hand political operations of the last generation.

Poor helpless guy!


Tom Hilton said...

Heh...yeah, Clint Eastwood strikes me as a real milquetoast kinda guy.

Linkmeister said...

Does Limbaugh remember that this is both Dirty Harry and The Man With No Name he's talking about here?

Bluesborn said...

I'm so fed up with Limbaugh it's just exhausting.No one man should be given the kind of forum he has indulged himself in for so long.He's like some nut in the park on a soapbox that miraculously manages to reach into the homes and minds of millions.It's just an awful,awful state of affairs.A national infestation.

Unknown said...

Cagematch. Eastwood in the first round.

giantslor said...

Bluesborn: Here's the problem: A lot of people are really, really stupid and bigoted. As long as that's the case, stupid bigoted liars like Limbaugh will have a soapbox.

c u n d gulag said...

Rush, that festering boil on the anus of this country, has also been a serious pox on the body politic.

He and FOX News have done more damage to this country than any 'Fifth Column" ever could have.

But yeah, there are a lot of stupid and ignorant knuckle-dragging cave-dwellers in this country who like to hear their own fears and hatred echoed.

It reinforces their fear and hatred - and tears this country apart.
And what more could a God-fearing, Murka-loving, patriot ask, but that?

Unknown said...

And contrary to Stuart Varney's assumptions, Eastwood is nowhere near a full-fledged or clear-cut conservative. In 2004, he told "USA Weekend" that "I don't see myself as conservative." And in 2007, Eastwood told Philip French of London's "Observer" that "I'm not really conservative."

So there you have it from the man himself. Mr. Varney obviously relied upon cheap, careless assumptions rather than conducting some actual research, hence casting doubt upon his journalistic acumen.