Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Mother Jones recently posted a quiz that asks the test-taker to determine whether a certain utterance or deed can be attributed to Newt Gingrich or to the fictional character Dwight Schrute from The Office. It's a really difficult quiz. (I flunked it.)

Now I see (from Fox Nation via Breitbart, and also via Crooks and Liars) that Gingrich talked about hybrids and weapons last week:

At a campaign event in Suwanee, Georgia, the former House Speaker told supporters that he would bring back cheaper gas because "you can't put a gun rack on a Volt."

Hmmm. Is this literally a (somewhat modified) line from Dwight Schrute -- or at least from the actor who plays him, Rainn Wilson? In 2007, when Wilson was chosen to host film's Independent Spirit Awards, the L.A. Times reported the following (emphasis added):

"In a press release, Wilson expressed his joy at being chosen and commented on what he could offer the show. 'It is truly an honor to be asked to host an awards show that salutes the cutting edge in cinema. I like to think that I bring a bit of an 'independent spirit' to the proceedings as I recently installed a gun rack in my Prius,' Wilson said."


In fact, there are people who actually sell Prius gun racks, and this guy claimed to have a custom-made one a while back. And this guy has a Volt with a gun rack -- here's the video:

Can I get a socially responsible "Yee-haw"?


UPDATE: BuzzFeed links the video of the guy with the Volt and the gun rack.


ploeg said...

You can't sneak up on the deer in a truck.

Ten Bears said...

Cricky, I've installed a gun rack in a Volkswagon.

Can't sneak up on a deer with that either.