Saturday, February 11, 2012


A tweet from the reportedly gen-yoo-wine Twitter feed of Rupert Murdoch:

Wow -- that's so true! After the second half of a game, one team actually does lose! (Smacks forehead) Gosh, I never thought of that! And it's true that no pols admit that, isn't it? Politicians always say that after every game, both teams win! Right? Don't they?

Rupert's so smart! This is clearly why they pay him the big bucks!


"Alternate life style" -- you mean like BDSM? Or being an adult baby? Yeah, I guess we don't want welfare to fund anything like that -- although it occurs to me that if it funds your career as a dominatrix, that might improve your economic standing and the GDP. You'd think Murdoch would be in favor of that!


Cereal said...

Proving again that twitter is for idiots. There may be concepts in there - possibly stupid concepts - but trying to shoehorn them into 140 characters results in pathetic gibberish.

Twitter should be restricted to teens and twentysomethings making comments like "OMG jstn Bieber hair so kewl.". That kind of idiocy gains weight through the medium.

c u n d gulag said...

Rupert just proves the newest adage that some fucking twit's just shouldn't fucking tweet.

Giving him a twitter account is like giving an orangutan a Rubix Cube.
The orangutan might finally figure some small aspect of it out - but hilarity will ensue well before that.

After all, not every fucking bird is a fucking song-bird.
Not every fucking ape is a fucking human.

Rupert: What a dope! WHAT A MAROON!!!

Cereal said...

Meanwhile, Rupe is flying to London to try and defend yet more crime and corruption among his minions: senior staff at The Sun have been arrested for paying police for scoops.

Check out the Guardian...

Danp said...

Murdoch's tweet shows how desperate some people are to turn anything that sounds good in to something you can fear. More than mere derangement,

Ten Bears said...

It's "twitter", not "tweater". Twits twitter.

Dominatrix - isn't that a Catholic thing?

Roger said...

Rup and Wendi seem like they have an alternative life style going, although the nappies are probably a legitimate medical expense.