Saturday, May 01, 2010


Finally, a big "screw you" to every Teapublican out there now screaming for Obama and the government to "do something about this" and to "save us" down in the Gulf coast states.  Yes, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, I'm looking at you.
In an afternoon news conference with Obama administration officials, Jindal said he was worried that miles of booms deployed offshore are "not effective" in preventing oil from damaging coastal areas, wildlife and the livelihoods of fishermen. He announced that he is seeking to mobilize 6,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen for 90 days of duty to help provide security and support the response to the oil spill. 

"I do have concerns that BP's current resources are not adequate" to meet three main challenges from the disaster: stopping the leak of oil from a damaged undersea well, protecting the coast and carrying out a swift cleanup.
For the last sixteen months the GOP has been screaming that government is evil, that it is the problem, that we need less regulation in order to be more productive, more profitable, and that rules and oversight aren't needed because the free market will take care of things.  You know what?  If the booms aren't "effective" and the resources of BP are "not adequate" to deal with a disaster of this magnitude, then why the hell are you letting them operate offshore oil rigs off of your coastline, you jagoff?  You're the Governor, Mr. State Sovereignty Teapublican guy.  Stop the drilling until this disaster is resolved, and don't start it until you can be sure it can't happen again.

Folks, the hand of the free market just ripped a wellhead to pieces and is completely screwing over the Gulf.  It's going to cost several billion dollars to fix.  I'm sick of people saying that the magical free market will be responsible and keep anything bad from happening.  Well guess what?  The Upper Big Branch Mine disaster, this oil rig nightmare, and our economy back in 2008, they all got "fixed by the magical free market" where deregulation caused untold damage to our economy and hey, even killed people.

And now the Republicans are demanding that the government "fix the problem"?  Screw you guys.  Government is a lumbering vampiric dinosaur to you morons until you need the government to solve your problems for you.  Then it's "I demand the government does something about this!"  And it's the same Teabagger assclowns doing the loudest yelling and screaming.

Hypocritical assholes.  Jindal, get your ass in gear and a mop and bucket and clean up your own mess.  State's rights!  Tenth Amendment!  Don't Tread On Me!  Hey Teabaggers?  Get out there on the coast and help him since you hate the federal government intruding in a state matter so dearly, you hate Washington's beltway interference.  Start scrubbing.

Government is the "greatest evil of all" until a real evil pops up, an environmental disaster caused by corporate greed.  Suddenly for you guys it's nanny state timeNow you need the government's help.  Now it's government's responsibility to look after your needs.  Now it's time for the federal government to spend taxpayer money to help you.  Now, the folks in Washington are needed instead of illegitimate tyrants who need to be deposed by a Second American Revolution.

Now, Barack Obama is Our President.

Assholes.  All of you Teapublican guys.  Next time you chuckleheads want to drill baby drill, head down to a library and drill into a couple of books, educate yourselves, and stop being such ignorant morons.


(NOTE FROM STEVE M. This was a gust post from Zandar. For more Zandar, check out his blog.)

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