Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, this fails to conform to the right-wing narrative:

Violent crime fell significantly last year in cities across the U.S., according to preliminary federal statistics....

The incidence of violent crimes such as murder, rape and aggravated assault was down 5.5% from 2008, and 6.9% in big cities. It fell 2.4% in long-troubled Detroit and plunged 16.6% in Phoenix, despite a perception of rising crime that has fueled an immigration backlash....

Right-wingers like to blame every aspect of society they don't like on the political class -- or at least they do when Democrats are in charge. Recall, for instance, the widespread belief on the right that a reported rise in teenage oral sex a while back was all Bill Clinton's fault. And, of course, generally speaking, Democrats are the Dionysian morality-challenged hedonists -- right? Even if Republicans oddly seem to get caught in sex stings on a regular basis? (Surely those are all anomalous outliers.)

Well, not only is Barack Obama a Democrat, he's leading a "thugocracy" -- just as observers such as the esteemed Michael Barone warned us he would! Obama embodies "the Chicago way"! His friends and associates are modern-day Capones -- when, that is, they're not violent terrorists!

And yet somehow, inexplicably, we're remaining relatively peaceful. Somehow the unspeakable evil emanating from the Oval Office is not influencing our impressionable youth.

Or the goon squad cooked the books. Yeah, that must be the explanation.

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