Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Whiniest analysis yet of the special election in Pennsylvania, from Conservatives4Palin (seconded by National Review's Jim Geraghty):

The old media has been furiously spinning last night's loss by Tim Burns in PA-12 as proof that the Democrat Party is really in great shape going into the fall mid-terms and that ObamaCare is actually going to help the Democrats. However, a sober analysis of Tim Burn's loss should give the Democrat Party no such solace. Burns loss can be chalked up primarily to Ed Rendell's shrewd move to schedule the special election on the same day as the primary.

... there was no way Tim Burns could win a special election run concurrently with a primary election for the same race.... There was never going to be sufficient Republican votes to overcome the 2-1 Democrat to Republican advantage in the district....

It's difficult to imagine significant numbers of Democrat voters asking for a Democrat ballot upon arrival at the polls, then voting simultaneously for Critz in the primary and Burns in the special....

Really? Why is it difficult?

I could have sworn you guys have been telling us for months that the people desperately want tea party candidates like Burns to "take our country back." I could have sworn you guys said this was a nonpartisan movement. And I could have sworn you said that America, democracy, and freedom itself were all at stake. With so much on the line, and with such broad-based support, and at a time when the only thing keeping the status quo in power is the totalitarianism of the Kenyan usurper, how is it that the huge masses of real Americans in PA-12 who really despise what's going on in America couldn't even get out to vote?

Did President Mao Hussein Capone force true patriots in the district to sit at home on their asses? Did he thuggishly compel Democratic registrants who are real Americans to vote a straight party ticket?

I know, I know: I'm just being a typical obnoxious liberal for thinking that if you want to get rid of the people who are in office you should be required to show up at the freaking polls to vote them out.

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