Monday, May 17, 2010


The line of the day from the right is (per Debbie Schlussel and others) that Donald Trump is a "dhimmi" because his Miss USA pageant chose a Lebanese-American Muslim as a winner over the weekend, and (per Gateway Pundit, Fox Nation, and others) that Miss Oklahoma was denied the title in Trump's pageant because she said she supports the Arizona immigration law.

Well, first of all, Trump supports the Arizona law:

...Donald Trump dropped by Larry King Live to talk the topic du jour, Arizona's immigration law, and give it his seal of approval. While he admitted that "there are a lot of great people coming in," he called a boycott on the state "ridiculous" and made the astute observation that, well, "Mexico doesn't have a lot of blonds."

Trump expressed the most concern regarding the increased crime rate in Arizona, noting that there are "killings all over the place, shootings all over the place" there now and that the law was a direct result of "the federal government not coming out with a law." He also expressed dismay at the possible boycotts against Arizona, including that instituted on San Francisco city officials by Mayor Gavin Newsom. And while he stopped short of endorsing racial profiling, he is in favor of "getting them out" if "people come into the country illegally."

And as for terrorism, here's Trump on the Times Square wannabomber:

...I'm a believer with terrorism and what's going on with the death penalty. But death penalty with a faster trial.

You know some of these guys, they wait 25 years, they have 20- year trials, meaning it never even gets started for 15 years. It's a joke. And we're a laughingstock throughout the world. So I think they have to immediately bring back the death penalty for acts such as this.

Sorry to take give this lunacy any credibility, but we live in a ridiculous era, so we can't assume that most Americans understand how ridiculous this all is.

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