Friday, May 28, 2010


Wow, that was fast -- Rand Paul's staff shakeup was announced Wednesday and the same day he appeared in a video clip that hit wingnut pleasure centers four different ways:

... Paul recently suggested to a Russian TV station that the U.S. should abandon its policy of granting citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants -- even if they're born on U.S. soil.

Paul also said he's discussed instituting an "underground electrical fence" on the border to keep out unwanted elements, though he emphasized that he's "not opposed to letting people come in and work and labor in our country."

The real problem, Paul said, is that the U.S. "shouldn't provide an easy route to citizenship" because of "demographics."

According to Paul, the proportion of Mexican immigrants that register as Democrats is 3-to-1, so of course "the Democrat Party is for easy citizenship." ...

Let's see:

(1) He embraced the right wing's pet theory that the phrase "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" in the 14th Amendment means that not all babies born in the U.S. are American citizens.
(2) He conjured an image of dealing out pain to illegal immigrants.
(3) He said "Democrat Party."
(4) He said Democrats want immigration reform in order to gain a lot of new voters, another pet theory of the far right.

Excellent work, new Paul team! You guys are slick!

These guys decided they had to do something like this while keeping Paul off American TV -- so they put him an English-language news show from Russia, which has interviewed him in the past. And when the interview yielded such luscious fruit, the campaign ran with it.

I've never believed for a second that the recent unpleasantness would actually hurt Paul -- even after all that he's still leading in the race, according to the latest Daily Kos poll, and his numbers have actually gone up among Republicans. And while his lead over Democrat Jack Conway is only 3% in the DKos poll, it was only 3% before the primary (i.e., before all the supposedly harmful interviews).

So this race is over. Rand Paul's going to win.

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