Monday, May 17, 2010


Wow, the evil Muslims who (the right-wingers tell us) are trying to force our innocent womenfolk into burqas and our men into suicide belts sure have a subtle way of achieving their nefarious aims. Not only did their latest agent of infiltration, newly crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih, appear in the pageant in a bikini and in publicity stills in slinky lingerie, and not only did she once enter a radio contest as a pole dancer ... but MSNBC reports that she attended Catholic schools in both Lebanon and America.

I've doubted the wisdom of the right-wingers, but hey, I'm convinced -- what else could all that possibly be but a super-subtle way to lull us all into submission so the SOBs can force us all to pray to Mecca? Right? Isn't that the most logical explanation?

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