Monday, May 03, 2010

Man, Why Do I Do It?

I'm organizing another house party to raise money for OFA because they are promising to fight the midterms and try to register people to vote and activate Obama's base. And then I see this. Jews for Jesus on a Lieberman flavored Cracker do we have to go down this road again? I'm a very practical, political, person and I get that this Clinton endorsement may actually have been one of the factors in getting Blanche "I've always relied on the kindness of Wal Mart" Lincoln to actually do something about derivatives but still, wtf? I made a vow that I wouldn't contribute directly to the DNC or the DSCC as long as they were in the incumbent protection racket and the incumbents they were protecting, to the despite of building a more progressive base and running more progressive candidates, were blue dogs. I told the DNC and the DSCC that I wouldn't give them money to give to Nelson, Lincoln, and Landrieu and then have them turn around and spit in our faces on key votes. So now what? I'll have to have a hard look at how OFA is planning to spend the money we raise and perhaps I need to offer my guests a chance to donate specifically to winnable campaigns or other grassroots GOTV efforts.**

If any of our blog readers are in MA, and want to come they can contact me at You are asked to bring one great "objet" from your closet that you don't want and 25 or more dollars to donate. You will get a number when you donate and according to the number you will get to choose from all the other things that other people have brought. You can clean your closet, but you will leave with another thing so its one step forward and another step back in terms of clutter reduction. I raised a good amount of money this way for Obama and people had a blast so we'll see how this comes off in a period of high midterm election disaffection.

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