Thursday, December 10, 2009


Via Lucianne Goldberg's new blog post aggregator, I found a video ad for this painting of Jesus among the Founders, entitled One Nation Under God:

In the video, over lugubrious, overly loud music, the artist, Jon McNaughton, explains a few of the high points of his painting, like why Martin Luther King had to be turned into an anonymous member of the 101st Airborne, also named King. (Copyright reasons, he says.) McNaughton glosses over the figures of pure evil in the lower right corner, but the "special zoom interface feature" at his site goes into more detail. Examples:

Mr. Hollywood
He represents your entertainment business in America. It is very apparent that there is a liberal slant with Hollywood. He looks down at the judge and the pregnant woman with ridicule and amusement.

Mr. Hollywood is (of course) right in front of Satan. The pregnant woman, alone in the group at lower right, is a victim ("She is pointing at the mother with the handicap child and is saying to herself, 'I want to keep my baby'"), but the judge is, well...

Supreme Court Judge
...This judge hides his face in shame as he considers some of the court decisions that have done great damage to our country. On his wrist watch the time reads 11:59 to signify that there is little time remaining.

Also in there are a Politician, a Lawyer, a Liberal News Reporter, and a Professor (who holds, naturally, The Origin of Species).

As for the rest of the painting, the less said the better, but I'll just add that Lincoln, Adams, and Hamilton (just behind the evildoers) seem to be struggling to learn the choreography from the vaudeville numbers in Singin' in the Rain.

Prints range from $29 (15" X 10", litho, unsigned) to $2500 (66" X 44", giclee canvas, signed). Order here. Oh, and there's plenty more work where that came from, most of it in the Thomas Kinkade mode, some of strikingly similar to One Nation Under God.

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