Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh For Christ's Sake--Grover Norquist Would Drown Jane in a Bathtub if it Would Reduce His Taxes.

Over at Balloon Juice I'd been fighting a rearguard action to defend, theoretically, the Jane Hamsher approach to Health Care Reform which I saw as a necessary form of political action that would pull the debate to the left and allow Obama and the Dems to masquerade as more centrist than they are. But this thing with Norquist? And the absurd attacks on Sanders? No, that's gone way over the line. In joining in the lawsuit against Obama's Chief of Staff Jane has joined directly in the permanent Republican attack on Democratic legitimacy. I can't stand Rahm and think he's bad on politics and pretty bad at his job as hatchet man. But I'm sure he's a fine Chief of Staff and no more corrupt in a legal sense than any other political actor. I've got no problem with Jane hounding Republicans or Lieberman, or advocating strongly for Single Payer or any other progressive policy. But to go to Def Con One on Obama--a man who has been in Presidency for a single year, wrestling with the crushing burdens of the Bush terms? This is not only perverse its disgusting.

So, yeah, John, Steve and I delinked.


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