Thursday, December 31, 2009

Has it Been Ten Years?

SteveM's away during these crucial days during which people seem impelled to tell over the past ten years like worry beads. Best of this, worst of that, top ten songs, top one hundred films. I can't go there. Its too horrific. I'm all for remembering the past so that we....etc...etc... but one set of lists (best films, most popular, moving moments) seems to undercut the reality of the last ten years during which so many were needlessly massacred for various ideas and ideals. I can't make up a list of all those horrors, and it wouldn't be good for me if I did. I think of this last decade as a sinking ship--lets take what we can and flee forward towards dry land, leaping from slippery rock to slippery rock, and extending our hands backwards to those who are willing to move forward with us.


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