Monday, December 21, 2009


Good grief -- this is on the Fox Nation title screen:

What have we Jesus-hating anti-Americans done now?

The Fox Nation link goes to this AP story, which isn't exactly as Fox advertises it (i.e., as a story of liberal fascists at war with the majority of Americans):

NORMAN, Okla. -- To Steven Walls, it's beginning to look nothing like Christmas, anywhere he goes.

While more people make the switch to energy-efficient lights for their holiday decorations, Walls this year insisted on decorating with the old-style, torpedo-shaped Christmas lights his family has put up for years. But it was no easy feat: To replace the half-dozen or so bulbs that burned out last year, Walls had to visit eight stores before he found any.

"They're not the same. They're weird-looking. They're sized different and have these unusual ripples. If you have those interspersed with your traditional lights, they're going to look dumb," he said.

... While acknowledging LEDs are more durable and use up to one-hundredth the amount of electricity as incandescents, Gary Barksdale grows nostalgic sorting through broken bulbs and overloaded fuses every year.

... "We're doing the same thing my pops, my brothers and I did when we were kids," he said.

Yes, but you're betraying your great-great grandfather, dude! he put real wax candles in his windows -- and on his Christmas tree! It was dangerous but it was traditional, dammit! So you should do the same!

I don't really want to give these guys (and they do all seem to be guys) too hard a time -- they just remind me of vinyl-LP nostalgists, and that's a harmless preference. It's Fox that's trying to turn this into a culture-war story.

And what do you know -- that may be a bridge too far for Fox Nation. Check out some of the comments:

LEDs are a wonderful CAPITALIST invention. A light source that is just as bright as normal lights, but is much more efficient, cheap to mass produce and cheaper to run. Something that you, the consumer, would want to purchase to lower your electricity bills. LEDs have outcompeted traditional bulbs in a free market economy. Its capitialism at work in the land of the free, the USA....


LED?! GOSH DARNIT that's just unamerican! Also, I want black and white TV back! Color tv is for communists!


I also want my asbestos back!

But those may just be snarky liberal haters. Other Foxists agree that this is another sign of the decline of the Republic:

That is ok. These progessives will pass a law soon that you can't celebrate Christmas anyway. Communists have entered our Gov and won't leave. So I guess we will have to have a good ol Patrick Henry Revolution and evict these SOB's


The two-inch, 9-watt incandescent bulbs is like a conservative. they make you feel all warm and fuzzy and caring.
The energy-efficient LED is like a liberal they make you ..................... sick


I won't buy anything with GE on it. I am hording incandesced bulbs until the Government can be forced to get out of our way. And I don't want their mercury filled light bulbs. And I will not vote for anyone who thinks I should be taxed to give to the United Nations. Ever!


How's that Obama "freedom" working out for you liberal/socialists? You can't get the light bulbs you want, and next they'll tell which toilet paper you can have and how to use it. You feel "greener" now?

And my favorite:

When Israel attacks Iran, there will be a real energy shortage because Pelosi and her bird lover friends won't let us build nuclear plants. Forget the lights, better buy a gun.

Ah, now I'm in the Christmas spirit.

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