Thursday, December 24, 2009


I hear tell that there was some sort of vote in Congress this morning, but I gotta scram -- no time for posting, just enough time to drop Firedoglake from the blogroll, for all the good that tiny gesture does (I'm doing it not because Jane H. went on Fox but because her investigate-Rahm-for-Freddie-Mac campaign with Grover Norquist has the potential to be shockingly useful to the right in its effort to lay all of America's problems at the feet of Fannie/Freddie/ACORN/scary Negroes -- oh, and her failure to get Norquist to join in on any truly progressive effort in this area, i.e., something that might be a threat to the unholy alliance of the government and Wall Street, shows that she's just another lefty who believes in quid-pro-nothing, as sad as the D.C. Dems at their most ineffectual).

I'll be back on January 1. Aimai will be here; I think some guest bloggers will show up, too. Thanks for reading. Happy holidays. See you next year....

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