Monday, December 21, 2009


I see (via the imitation Free Republic board known as Liberty Post) that a few tea party types are planning to bring the country to its knees:

National Strike -- We The People Strike Back against an out of control government.

My Fellow Americans,

...We are, as I write this post, a mere six hours away from the United States Senate will vote on Cloture that begins a water fall effect to bring about government run health care by Christmas day. A move that will put the government literally in the business of valuing life, deciding how much you should weigh, and forcing you to pay for health care in order to be a citizen in good standing.

... On January 20, 2010 We The People will strike at the life blood of that parasitic congress by denying them the tax revenue for one day. We will not work. We will not shop, or buy anything that is taxed. We will not renew any licenses, tags, file any government filings and we will not remain silent. On This day we will fire a shot across the bow of Congress that we rule them not the other way around....

I think it took years for anyone on the '60s left to imagine that the movement had the power to shut down America. These guys think they're there after a few months. The '60s left didn't have that kind of clout, no lefty movement since then has had that kind of clout, and these guys sure as hell don't.

This is being done in a social-networking way -- there are a whopping 146 members as I write, all presumably planning not to shop or work or go the motor vehicles department. (That'll show 'em!)

Any other clever ideas? One contributor to the group blog has a thought:

Instruct everyone to file a new w4 with their employer [all do it on 1/19/2010 if we are going to strike on 1/20/2010] . Claim 20 exemptions instead of the usual 0 or 2. If millions of employees do this, it will reduce federal withholding taxes from your paycheck to very little or nothing.....

The Treasury may not be able to sell our bonds at any price.

And if 146 people do it? Our blogger doesn't say. (My guess? 146 W-4s will be kicked back by 146 baffled HR departments -- "Um, I think there's a mistake on one of your forms....")

Penny Kwok, another contributor to the group blog, seemed inadequately focused on the goal this morning (until her post was removed):

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She'd better not be planning to peddle these damn things on January 20!

After this past year, I never want to say for certain that a teabag hissyfit is too silly to fail, but I don't think this one's going to accomplish much. Who knows, though? Maybe tomorrow we'll find out that Fox is going all in to support the strike. (But wouldn't that mean Fox couldn't actually cover it? If Fox were really supporting the strike, wouldn't it have to go dark for the day in solidarity? Or would it have to get some kind of teabag equivalent of a shabbas goy? Maybe cover the whole day using Canadians?)

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