Monday, December 07, 2009


Hmmm ... I thought the Gridiron Club dinner was supposed to be essentially off the record (except for, in Politico's words, "modest twittering ... though not during the speeches or songs"). So, um, how did the complete text of Sarah Palin's speech make its way to the relatively obscure wingnut site To the Point News?

I'll be naive and assume that this was an unauthorized leak. I'd also like to point out that To the Point News has a Cafe Press store where it sells T-shirts describing Barack Obama as "NMP" -- Not My President. The shirts are advertised in a banner ad that sits alongside the Palin transcript:

Does Sarah Palin believe that Barack Obama is her president? If so, is going to demand that the transcript be removed from a site whose owner clearly believes otherwise, and says so?

I know a lot of lefties said the same thing about George W. Bush. But Sarah Palin clearly wants to be president of the United States. For her and other presidential aspirants, the expectations are different.

I won't mention the other shirts sold on the site -- "Global Warming Is a Fascist Hoax" and "O = Zero." I just want to know: Does Sarah Palin think it's OK to have her words published at a site that regards the Obama presidency as invalid?

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