Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Arrives
Flurry of Snow?

Nearly midnight, and the new year arrives with a cascade of last minute emails begging me to make a difference the only way our political system knows how: with a small donation. Suddenly I'm on a first name basis with Chuck Schumer, Eric Massa, Anthony Romero, Cecile Richards and a host of others I'm too delicate to mention in public. The only magne manche who hasn't reached out to me is Rick Warren. If he lasts that long maybe he'll get around to the infidel in the New Year?

Which brings me to my subject: the Old Year. While sometimes I feel like the author of this post 2009 has been a pretty amazing year. It was no insignificant moment, last January, when I saw Bush leave the White House while our new President and First Lady waved demurely from the steps. While nothing quite matches that heady moment it has been a great day, every day, to wake up and know that our new President is on the job. I definitely don't agree with many of his tactics, and much of his strategy, but I'm proud of the job he is doing.

I want to thank the many people I "know" on the internet, my secret sharers, my blog friends and acquaintances, for helping me keep up with all the news and helping me analyze and understand what is going on. Without the work of many writers and commenters at Daily Kos, TPM, Tapped, Washington Monthly, FDL (yes, FDL!), without Atrios, Digby, Glenn Greenwald, Bats Left Throws Right, Slacktivist, The Mahablog, Pandagon, Orcinus, Alicublog, Experimental Theology, Taibblog, The Inverse Square Blog, Balloon Juice, Crooks and Liars, Whiskey Fire, Lawyers, Guns and Money , Vagabond Scholar, The Hunting of the Snark and a host of others the firehose of information that is modern life would have drowned me, long since.

I think SteveM will be back from his undisclosed location tomorrow but if he can't log on tonight I wanted to thank all his readers for keeping me company while he was away, and for giving both Steve and myself a place to muse about politics and culture throughout the year.

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