Friday, June 20, 2008


You paid Representative Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan to spew this twaddle ("Speaking Democrat: A Primer") on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives:

"'Government' means 'socialism'"? Dude -- you work for the freaking government. Don't like government? Private sector's that way. Leave your resume at the desk -- we'll call you.

And yes, it's all like that. Imagine a medium-market Limbaugh wannabe after ritual zombification, with all the animal magnetism of Eliot Spitzer putting on his sock garters, and you've basically got it.


Fun facts about Congressman McCotter:

In December 2005, McCotter joined with several other Congressmen to form the Second Amendments, a bipartisan rock and country band set to play for United States troops stationed overseas over the Holiday season. He plays lead guitar. In June of 2006, the band played for President Bush's Picnic on the White House lawn, where Bush was quoted calling McCotter "That rock and roll dude" ....

Rock and roll animal.

McCotter is regular guest on the Dennis Miller Radio Show, where the host refers to him as "young Thad" and frequently comments that he "likes the cut of his jib."

Than which there is no higher praise.

And Thad has a prose style that's uniquely his own:

...No starker episode exhibits our anile need for a moral hospice before we slither into the dust bin of history than the one playing out before Americans' astonished eyes. Legacy building with the urgency of a dying Pharaoh staring at an unfinished Sphinx, George Walker Bush is bent upon being the first U.S. President to attend a foreign nation's Olympics. The nation in question is communist China, the shock troops of which are presently bludgeoning Tibetan Monks as if they were orange bathrobed baby seals. (One shudders at the prospect this Tibetan repression is the Chi-coms' sedulous sally into Olympic demonstration sports.)

Notwithstanding the Global Generation's remaining misanthropes' unsophisticated quibbling (i.e., me and mine), our Compassionate Conservative-in-Chief has eagerly RSVP'ed to the communist dictatorship's dramatic recreation of the Berlin Olympics. Given "The Decider's" resolve, hope dims we might disabuse his whimsy that watching a wobbling discus with the wanton butchers of Tiananmen Square can advance the sacred cause of human freedom....

Wow. Just wow. (And yes, he does still call them "Chi-coms.")

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