Thursday, June 19, 2008


If Barack Obama is elected president, the Larry Sinclair non-saga is never going to go away; it's going to lurk forever, like a herpes infection. It's going to be the ur-text, the basis of any narrative of Obama's unspeakable evil.

Joseph, the proprietor of Cannonfire -- who, I gather, regards it as a lefty blog, though it's basically All Obama Evil, All the Time -- took Sinclair's press conference very seriously:

So far, most bloggers have refused to acknowledge the fact that Sinclair did something rather extraordinary at his press conference: He named a confirmatory witness.

On November 6, 1999, I asked the limo driver -- whose name I now reveal for the first time -- Paramjit Multani, if he knew anyone who would like to socialize and show me Chicago.

Now, remember what allegedly happened that night, nearly nine years ago: Sinclair and Obama did cocaine and had sex. What do you remember about special nights like that? Larry remembers the name of his limo driver. Oh, those special memories....

Over at Cannonfire, Joseph says:

Do I now take Sinclair's charges seriously? No.

...Even so, I may have been premature to dismiss the man as
just a nutcase.

And hey, what do you do in response to someone whose words you consider the rantings of a nutcase? If you're Joseph, you obsess over them:

...I've found out a bit more about Paramjit Multani, the driver who allegedly hooked Sinclair up with Barack Obama.

...There is a taxi cab driver in Maryland by that name (this is the fellow I tried to reach), but he appears to be the wrong person.

Another Paramjit Multani was caught up in a particularly messy deportation proceeding, which lasted from 2000 to 2006. (He was accused of participating in a sham marriage.) The documentation created by that complex affair (see here) indicates that this Multani may indeed have been in Chicago in 1999. This Multani was sent back to India in 2006 (if I understand the document correctly).

At the press conference, Sinclair disclosed a document which showed that one Rashpal Multani owned the limo service in question. A pdf of this document is here. During the Q-and-A session, Sinclair indicated that the Multani he met moved to Tupelo, Missippi, not long ago. If so, then the fellow deported to India was a different man....

So the Chicago Paramjit Multani is not the Maryland Paramajit Multani is not the Tupelo Paramjit Multani ... or maybe two of them are the same, but neither of them, according to Larry, is Larry's driver ... or something like that.

Hey Joseph, good thing you don't find this guy credible, because I hate to think of how many dead ends you'd be following if you did think he was credible. (Ironically, ads at Cannonfire indicate that Joseph is, to his credit, very much an anti-"truther" when it comes to 9/11 conspiracy theories.)

Meanwhile, this nutjob thinks Sinclair might have been arrested on orders of George Soros, while a few Freepers really are turning Obama into the second coming of (their version of) Bill Clinton:


Larry Sinclair's expectancy can be measured in mere months.


He may commit Obamacide in jail.


At least he'll be able to compare notes with James MacDougal on the other side...

Me, I'm just alternately amused and horrified by the freak show.

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