Wednesday, June 11, 2008


From NewsHounds:

Hannity & Colmes hosted crackpot Cristi Adkins, a die-hard Hillary Clinton fan who is now supporting John McCain. Adkins' website makes the outlandish accusation that Obama is "the home-grown terrorist sleeper cell." ...

Adkins said she was there as part of some coalition called, "Just Say No Deal." The website states: "We are a coalition of millions with one thing in common: NObama." ...

There's video at the NewsHounds link. Hannity and Colmes take this guest quite seriously.

How reliable is she? I think all you need to know is the fact that she posted this comment at a fellow Obama-basher's blog back in March:

Be Aware of the Hypnotic Power of the O'Bama Kool Aid…


Yes, Obama is a powerful speaker, make no mistake about that. As with all motivation speakers like Anthony Robbins and Marshall Sylver, he has a hypnotic quality about him. However, what's he really saying? As his voice lowers in pitch, softens a bit, you'll also notice the lights are lowered, the background music gets the audience pumped, he meets your gaze eye to eye during the rally and his voice seems to lull you into the 'feelings' of hope, inspiration and excitement. But when you leave the rally, you are left with one message. 'Change.' The amazing principle of Group Think is applicable, but there is another side to the coin.

...who is this empowering man that can inspire thousands of young, innocent, voters to go to the poles, even on blistery, dangerous highways during an ice storm..such as it was in Virginia and Maryland on February 12? ...

It is the same power that convinces thousands of unsuspecting enthusiasts to drink the red Kool Aid which leads to their ultimate destruction. It's called Mind Control, or in some circles, Hypnosis.

Mr. Obama is highly skilled at bypassing the critical thinking mind and getting straight to the subconscious mind; he knows how to hit what really makes voters tick. It is said in the world of Mind Control, when you control someones emotions, you control them. This is same tool and technique highly recognized in the speaking industry and used by the Anthony Robbins and Marshall Sylvers of the world. Unlike Bush, who used the Fear of Terrorists, O'bama's fear hits even closer to home. It is a sublimina fear of being publicly ridiculed if you say anything negative about a 'well liked' black candidate. Other emotions target the votes as they hope to stay out of a recession, fear losing their homes, desire a better life with greener pastures, excitement builds as the democratic race is the best reality TV to observe….

Keep this in mind when you place your vote. Do you want to be vote with your heart and emotions, with the facts or jump on a band wagon with a mysterious pull to drink the Obama Kook Aid? ...

Cristi Adkins, RN Cht

There's your Fox News "expert."

Of course, judging from this PDF at her workplace, perhaps Cristi is just feeling professional jealousy:

Cristi is a registered nurse who provides holistic nursing and holds a Masters Certification as a Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Originally born and raised outside of Baton Rouge, LA in a small town called Denham Springs, but has since moved on to become one of the masters in subconscious reprogramming.

As Registered Nurse she specializes in the body-mind-spirit approach. As an activist in holistic medicine, Nurse Cristi served as the state representative for the American Holistic Nurses Association for the state of Utah in 1998-1999 to bring about awareness to the field of Holistic Medicine. Holistic principles back the Fatloss Forever! weight loss program.

...Cristi offers complimentary consultations for the following services:

Audio Spa with the Light Sound System
Ionic Detox Foot Spa
Weight Loss
Holistic Health

Call today for your initial consultation....

I'm not sure why Cristi didn't try to use her skills at hypnotic mind control to persuade voters not to vote for Obama, given the fact that she's a pro, while he's just an amateur (unless there's some truth to the rumors I've heard that he has a master's from the Bin Laden School of Mind Control and Global Domination).

Then again, maybe that's exactly what she's doing -- I'm feeling very sleepy.....

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