Thursday, June 26, 2008


The Supreme Court just struck down the D.C. gun ban, and a McCain blogger conference call used the ruling to discuss ... Barack Obama and Iraq.

Here's the message: Obama will change his position on anything -- which is bad! But he hasn't changed his position on Iraq -- which is bad!

At least that's what we're told here:

The McCain campaign shows once again that they have honed the rapid-response instincts in the campaign by quickly arranging a conference call for the media on the Heller decision and gun control within an hour of the decision. Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) and senior policy adviser Randy Scheunemann spoke about the decision and what it means, as well as how Barack Obama's reversal on Heller affects the race.

... Brownback expressed amazement at Obama's flip-flop on the DC gun ban today, calling it either "an incredible flip-flop or incredible inexperience".

...He also warned that the next flip-flop will probably be on Iraq. Brownback notes that he himself didn't support the surge, but acknowledged his error and John McCain’s wisdom when it succeeded. Why can't the Democrats do that? Obama talks bipartisanship, but his actions don't match his words.

... Obama, Scheunemann says, has established that he holds no position that he won't change for political opportunism. ... Obama was wrong on the surge and wanted firm timetables for withdrawal, and the McCain campaign figures that another flip-flop may be coming....

Translation: Why can't Obama be an evil, spineless, opportunistic flip-flopper on Iraq? What the hell is his problem?


(An Obama spokesman said last year that Obama thought the D.C. gun ban was constitutional. He's since been saying he thinks the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to carry guns, which is what the Supreme Court said today.)

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