Tuesday, June 10, 2008


As someone who actually sat through The Passion of the Christ, I think I recognize the nature of this No Quarter post in which Deb Cupples defends, or at least explains away, Hillary Clinton's decision to endorse Barack Obama -- it's a plot synopsis for a sequel, The Passion of the Hillary, and, like the original, it's medieval torture porn. (Emphasis in original.)

...Starting in early March, certain pundits and DNC "leaders" commanded Hillary to drop out of the race. Instead of obeying their orders, she exercised her right to hold her head high and carry on -- and she racked up a string of impressive victories.

This angered some members of the Thunderdome-ish crowd, whose sentiments steadily grew even more toxic.

The Angry Ones cranked up their vituperations to the verbal equivalent of a mob dragging her to the town square, tearing off her frock, and taking turns lacerating her flesh with a raw hide whip.

The soundtrack included ample hoots and whistles and cheers, which drowned out the horrified gasps from those of us who could not believe what we were witnessing.

Crying "uncle" or pleading for mercy wouldn't have moved that mob an inch. The Angry Ones wanted their pound of flesh, and they were
dead set on taking it a few blood-soaked cubic-millimeters at a time.

Given that Hillary’s back looks like a topographical map of the Grand Canyon, wouldn't it be understandable if she simply chose to do whatever was necessary to calm The Angry Ones? ...


Um, I've been trying not to think about Hillary Clinton in any way that taps into ugly ideas about women -- and now it turns out this is how I should want to think of her?

I know, I know -- I should ignore these people. Relax -- I'm not angry anymore. A lot more Clinton supporters than I expected have quickly grasped the need to close ranks and move forward. These people haven't, and they seem more and more pathetic every day -- so I'm just chuckling at the freak show.

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