Wednesday, June 18, 2008


... and they're planning to run a full-page ad in a Sunday edition of the Chicago Sun-Times, er, wouldn't you think they could find at least one member who knows the first thing about grammar, syntax, capitalization, and punctuation (e.g., you don't use an apostrophe before the s to form a plural)?

From the ad:

...We are here to tell you now that there are over 2.5 million of us and we will vote for "John McCain and the Democrat's on the ticket that supported Hillary Clinton ONLY" in November, unless she suddenly become's the nominee.

... We are not just women, we are men and women from all race's and nationality's. We are also made up of Independent's and Republican's that voted for Hillary in the Primary's and that would of voted for her in the General Election.

This is not because we are "sore loser's" or any other stupid reason you come up with....

This Ad Is Paid For By Members Of The Hillary Clinton Supporter's For John McCain
Ed Hale, PO Box 147, Wellington, TX 79095

Yeah, right -- that reads like the work of a large organization, rather than one semiliterate crank, doesn't it?

A number of people have noted that Ed Hale has never actually donated money to Clinton or any other Democrat (and his ad refers to the "DEMOCRAT NATIONAL PARTY"), but he did give money to the Green Party's VP candidate in '04. Great Grey at the Ptarmingan Nest offers evidence that Hale is using a manipulable Web counter to create the illusion that he gets more hits than he actually does -- which, if true, is amusing because Fox News reported that he's had 400,000 hits.


Never mind. I take it all back. Ed's heard the whitey tape! It's real!

What a maroon. And yet I bet he continues to get press as if he's legit.

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