Saturday, June 28, 2008

SHHHHHHHHHHH...Hope, is the thing with Feathers...pass it on while SteveM. is busy.

From a Diarist at DailyKos who was at the Unity NH Rally:

It took awhile for everyone to file in, so we discussed politics and Obama with some people sitting nearby. One Woman had driven ten hours from Canada to be here. One man had just so happened to volunteer for the campaign a week ago, and was happy to work here today. An African American woman was very happy that this event was taking Place. She had voted for Clinton in the primaries, but loved Obama as well, so this was an amazing event for her.

There was a Clinton supporter carrying around a sign saying "The Democratic Party is a House Divided," upsetting some people. I watched her carefully during the speeches, and afterwards she tore up the sign and asked where to volunteer.

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