Monday, June 16, 2008


Were you a bit baffled by the references to murder by the Clinton-or-death crazies during their D.C. demo last month?

..."Would you rather have a president who had an affair [Bill Clinton] or one who was a murderer [Obama]?" Jeannie, the Greensboro Democrat, asks a fellow in a floppy Tilley hat and Hillary buttons. "That's a good point," he replies....

You may have gathered that this has to do with Larry Sinclair -- you know, the guy who claimed in a YouTube "confession" that he had gay sex and used cocaine with Barack Obama in 1999, and who has since been championed by wingnuts and, more recently, the Clinton crazies. (Oh, did I mention the failed polygraph and the criminal record?)

Well, apparently this is going to be a big part of his National Press Club dog-and-pony show on Wednesday, the one Firedoglake has urged the club to cancel (although it's been argued that the club is just renting out space, not endorsing content):

...At the press conference, Larry will (i) reveal the corroborating evidence for his allegations regarding Obama, (ii) address the time-line of the response of the Obama campaign to his allegations and the murder of Donald Young, the openly gay choir director of Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama's now-former church....

So what's the bit about the choir? Here it is, from a hate-Obama blog:

Donald Young was a forty seven year old choir director and deacon at Trinity United Church of Christ, on 400 W. 95th St, the very church made famous by the candidacy of Barrack Obama. Donald Young was also openly gay. He was also a personal friend of Barrack Obama’s. A roommate found Donald Young unresponsive in his home at 7:30 AM on December 23, 2007. He had been shot multiple times. Christmas presents and jewelry were missing from his home....

Why isn’t the murder of Mr. Young, the late choir director of Trinity Church, making news?

Why? Well, it seems reasonable to believe that this was a sadly ordinary robbery-murder. It's possible that it was a hate crime. (According to a local news report -- in Chicago, it is making news -- it was the second murder of a gay black man on the South Side in a little more than a month.)

But that's not sufficient for the crazies. The crazies think Obama is involved. By astonishing coincidence, Larry Sinclair claimed in an affidavit sometime after the murder (PDF) that a person named Young contacted him just before the murder to talk about Barack Obama, sex, and drugs.

... Yup, folks, it's the Clinton Body Count all over again, albeit with only one name on it. (So far.)

I'm late to this new bit of nonsense -- it's been all over the loony-right absurdosphere. But it's what Obama has to look forward to -- along with the rest of us -- throughout this campaign and throughout an Obama presidency if there is one, because this is what we do to Democrats in America.

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