Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well, maybe we all deserve to die in a terrorist attack. The American Family Association seems to think so:

Senate prayer: Starting countdown to judgment?

July 11, 2007

Tomorrow's planned Senate opening invocation by a Hindu chaplain is being called a "watershed" moment in the history of the United States -- but not for good reasons. A spokesman for the American Family Association says it represents an official stamp by the government on paganism, a move which may draw God's anger according to biblical example.

Rajan Zed will deliver the prayer and reportedly has said he will include references from at least three Hindu scriptures, marking the first time such a prayer and texts have been used at the Senate since its formation in 1789....

... "It is a watershed day in that it brings to mind some of these precedent-setting events like the day that we took prayer and Bible-reading out of school in our country [and] the day that we legalized abortion," [American Family Association spokesman Buddy] Smith offers. "I fear that while God has been so merciful with our country in the past, events such as are about to happen, like this in the U.S. Senate, is angering a just God. I fear that we bring judgment upon our country with such acts." ...

This is scheduled for today, so there are fire and brimstone alerts for the entire viewing area.

Frearing cataclysm, Smith recommends that senators should avoid "endorsing a pagan ritual" by staying out of the chamber until the filthy wog finishes his heathen prayer.

There are commenters, and most think God is really P.O.'d at this. One complains about the fact that "the koran came after our bibles" (which, for me, brings to mind images of angry anthropomorphic holy books chasing each other around in a Fleischer cartoon kind of way). Another says, "Homosexuality is rampant, like I've never seen before. To have mosques built within the Bible belt stuns me." Then there's this guy:

You know, I would not mind if the Rapture happened tomorrow.

Posted by Vik-Thor | July 11, 2007 11:14 PM

Yes, O Lord! A Hindu is praying in the Senate! Please fry us now!!!!


UPDATE: The chaplain was heckled before he had a chance to begin, and then again after he started, although he did deliver the prayer. The first heckler called the prayer by a Hindu chaplain "an abomination."



UPDATE: For information on the hecklers (three of 'em), check out the links in comments, starting at comment #10.

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