Friday, May 16, 2003

When I heard that Bush won again in the Senate on tax cuts, I started to wonder: What would happen if lefties began to fight for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution?

Remember the balanced budget amendment? As late as 1997, Republicans loved the idea; now, of course, they'd run from it like scared rabbits. Budget balancing is an issue that resonates in the heartland, or at least it used to. It could unite lefties with the people who reject what they see as baby-boomer irresponsibility, the people who liked Ross Perot and Paul Tsongas. It could drive the GOP nuts.

Oh, I know: It's not a good idea; it's pretty much what's straitjacketing state governments now as tax revenues plummet. And if the movement were led, or partially led, by lefties, and it started to catch on, the right would discredit it by discrediting us ("During the war in Iraq, while our troops were in harm's way, this is someone who had the audacity to say..."). But I bet it's something Karl Rove hasn't war-gamed against. Maybe it could throw him off stride. (Something has to, someday, or we're screwed.)

A stupid idea, probably, but I'm just thinking out loud here.

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