Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Remember ScrappleFace? The blogger who first called France and German the Axis of Weasels? Well, here's a new ’Face "joke" that might have made Hitler chuckle:

Rep. Waxman Amputates Nose After Jet Incident

(2003-05-09) -- Just a week after climber Aron Ralston had to cut off his own arm to save his life, Rep. Henry Waxman cut off his nose to spite his face.

The California Democrat amputated his prodigious proboscis during the aftermath of an incident involving a jet plane, an aircraft carrier and President Bush.

Details of the incident are sketchy, but Congressional insiders say it appears that Rep. Waxman thought he could make himself look better by self-amputation.

The Congressman has already been fitted with a prosthesis.

Yeah, we love jokes about those hook-nosed ... er, liberals....

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