Thursday, May 29, 2003

Media conservatives know how to keep the average right-wing Joe angry: When all else fails, just make stuff up. This morning, the first "must read of the day" at Lucianne Goldberg's Web site was a story about an incident on a Qantas flight:

2 flight attendants stabbed on plane

A snarky comment followed on the site:

Wonder where the hijacker could be from?

Here’s some of what was said in the discussion devoted to this story:

Any bets that his name is Mohammad or Abu?!

I also am expecting that the culprit's name is going to turn out to be something like Mohammed Abdullah, or Mustafa Jihadi, or Ahmed Intifada, or some such.

The Austrailian news agency is reporting the highjacker is an Aussie. However, like Richard Reid, he could very well be an Aussie Mooslim.

This is BOUND to be a Muslim terrorist wanna-be.

If the liberals would unwad their panties and get on board with checking all Mooslim and Arab looking men between 17-50, we'd solve a lot of problems.

While Americans and our allies boldly determine the course of the 21st Century, the Death Cult Horde (presuming this was in fact an Islamist savage) appears to have regressed from the stone age to the stick age.

Yo ,, ye dang Leftist Media and Quantas you can't hide this stuff anymore We The People know Islamic Terrorist Savages are out there !!!

Islamic raghead or Australian raghead, you can bet that he was one.

Er, apparently not. Here’s the Sydney Morning Herald:

Government sources said the assailant called out about "God's will or Armageddon when he was interrogated by federal police after the plane returned to Melbourne. He had been quiet but one source said that, during the attack and after he had been detained, he began talking about "God and the end of the world", saying that "God had spoken to him"….

Witnesses who saw the man after he was arrested, his hands bloodied and in handcuffs, described him as "just a normal looking Australian". It was believed he recently had resigned or been sacked from a job. Federal police said he would be charged under the Federal Aviation Act….

Qantas chief executive Geoff Dixon said: "We do not believe at this stage that this is terrorist-related in any way."

If there’s any clarification of this at, I haven’t seen it.

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