Friday, May 23, 2003

So Texas will soon have, as this Reuters story points out, a new, remarkably restrictive abortion law: it limits the facilities in which some abortions can be performed (already only 6% of Texas counties have abortion facilities), mandates a 24-hour waiting period for all abortions, and requires state-sponsored counseling that, among other things, insists that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer -- even though this myth has been debunked by the National Cancer Institute and other researchers.

Oh, and as an added screw-you to pro-choicers, there's this:

The Texas legislature voted down an amendment that would have exempted women who became pregnant through rape or incest from going through the waiting period.


During debate in the Texas Senate, Bob Deuell, a Republican from Greenville, said the exemption would "undermine the reflection period," adding that some women who gave birth after being raped or through incest have considered their children a blessing.

(Thanks to Kos for pointing this out.)

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