Thursday, May 22, 2003

Interesting point made by someone posting a comment to this item at the Daily Kos:

...when you look at the list of recessions since then, you'll see that it happens overwhelmingly during Republican adminsitrations! For example:

Years: Dem/Repub Prez: Recession length:

'45-'53 Dem (Truman) 11 months

'53-'61 Rep (Ike) 27 months

'61-'69 Dem (JFK/LBJ) 1 month (ended at start of JFK)

'69-'77 Rep (Nixon/Ford) 27 months

'77-'81 Dem (Carter) 6 months

'81-'93 Rep (Reagan/Bush) 24 months

'93-'01 Dem (Clinton) 0 months

'01 - PT Rep (W) 6+ months

Add them up and you get:

18 months/28 years for Democrats

84 months/29 years for Republicans

Go here and scroll down to the "Tough Times" chart for the numbers being used here.

(And how long is it, "officially," that the Bush economy was/has been in recession? Surely more than six months....)

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