Wednesday, May 28, 2003

How big was the tax cut Bush just signed? A hell of a lot bigger than $316 billion or $350 billion. Who says so? Some liberal? No -- Senator Bill Frist. The Daily Howler quotes Tony Snow's interview of Frist on last weekend's Fox News Sunday:

FRIST: I’m very hopeful that they won’t be temporary, that this $350 billion tax plan will, indeed, be made permanent, will grow to what it really is, is an $800 billion tax relief package for the American people.

SNOW: So, in effect, the president got a bigger tax cut than he requested in the first place?

FRIST: He did.

And they're not satisfied. They want even more:

FRIST: Remember, the budget that we passed in the Senate and in the House had, not a $350 billion package, but a $1.2 trillion tax relief package. That is the goal. This is really the first iteration, that first step.

If you're under 45, I think you can just kiss Social Security goodbye.

(Partial transcript of the Fox News interview here.)

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