Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I missed this story over the weekend. Good Lord, do we have to resort to the wooden stake?

Senate GOP to resurrect Pickering nomination

Republicans plan in coming weeks to take up the nomination of U.S. District Court Judge Charles W. Pickering Sr. of Mississippi...

--Washington Times

OK, let's review...

"The Racist Skeletons in Charles Pickering's Closet"

People for the American Way on Pickering.

Joe Conason on Pickering.

Bob Herbert on Pickering.

Enough already -- give him the hook.

And if he ever does get approved, make him the de facto running mate of every Northern, Midwestern, and Western GOP senator who votes for him (and you know every single one of them will). Forget the South -- you'll just stir up Stars 'n' Bars pride if you attack a Southern Repub for voting for this guy. Everywhere else in the country, though, I think his history will tarnish the reputation of senators who voted for him. And yes, I think this is true even in states like Maine that have very small nonwhite populations -- people don't like racism anymore.

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