Thursday, May 15, 2003

Fox News, of course, calls itself "fair and balanced." It also posts billboards proclaiming that it delivers "real journalism."

When you hear those phrases, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps something like this response from Fox's Neil Cavuto to comments in a recent Paul Krugman column?

...You're as phony as you are unprofessional. And you have the nerve to criticize me, or Fox News, and by extension, News Corporation?

...And by the way, you sanctimonious twit, no one -- no one -- tells me what to say. I say it. And I write it. And no one lectures me on it. Save you, you pretentious charlatan.

..Nowhere does it ever occur to you, one can legitimately not agree with you. That doesn't make me less of a journalist. But, Mr. Krugman, it does make you more of an ass....

Now may I suggest you take your column and shove it?


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