Sunday, April 01, 2012


The infantile Sarah Palin is saying LOOKATME LOOKATME LOOKATME! again, and I shouldn't rise to the bait, but I just want to hazard a guess as to how this will play out. Now, please don't click the story link, because it's from, and it's bad enough that the Breitniks got one hit from me:

When news broke that Katie Couric will be filling in for Robin Roberts next week on ABC's "Good Morning America," the country yawned. Or, at least we did, until we learned that NBC plans to pit "The Rogue Warrior" against "The Perky One": Sarah Palin will be guest-hosting "Today" this Tuesday.

See, here's the thing: Katie Couric is a broadcasting professional -- whatever you think of her, she's an adult, and this is her job. She's appearing on GMA for a week, and in the fall she's going to start hosting a syndicated daytime talk show.

By contrast, Sarah Palin is a whiny brat second-grader who happens to be 48 years old. Needless to say, she's going up against Couric because Couric hurt her feelings in 2008; she's going up against Couric for one day only because (a) even though she'd love to be a TV star, she hasn't actually had the self-discipline necessary to learn the process of being a full-time broadcaster, and (b) she knows that if she makes one appearance only, she may outdraw Couric in the ratings that day, partly because curiosity-seekers will tune in, and partly because, while watching Couric is something normal Americans will do if they feel like it, watching Palin is a sacrament for right-wingers. Not watching her would be, for them, like being given the opportunity to kiss the feet of Ronald Reagan's shriveled corpse and passing it up -- they wouldn't dream of it.

And if she does beat Couric in the ratings for one day, every right-wing media outlet will shout SUCK IT LIBRULS!! in one voice.

Never mind the fact that if Palin ever did this for more than one day, her ratings would plummet, as they did starting with the second episode of her reality show. And never mind the fact that she wouldn't be capable of doing the work necessary to host a TV show every day, or even every day for a week.

So, yeah, I won't be surprised if her ratings are good, and if the idiot right does a victory dance in response. But it means nothing.


UPDATE: I see that Palin will be co-hosting Today for just one hour. Way to set the bar low for yourself, Sarah.


bluespapa said...

Well, there are people who'll tune in to hear novel uses of syntax, but your larger point, that such novelty won't sustain interest for a full week, is true.

Ten Bears said...

I suppose the cybersphere - left and right - will be speckled for weeks with clips fawning and mocking and even as one who goes to great length to avoid - indeed, has a reputation for shooting - television(s) there will be no way for me to escape the Pavlovian slavering.

The Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on TV Kool-Aid.

Hurling Dervish said...

I wonder if there is a bigger story here.

Does this mean that Fox has gotten tired of her and no longer wants to "own" her? Does this mean now we are going to have to see her outside of the Fox/Beck/Hannity ghetto?